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KEY BRANDS: Thermo Scientific Shandon Thermo Scientific Logo


The Thermo Scientific Anatomical Pathology solution set meets the full spectrum of your product and services requirements, enabling you to manage your laboratory effectively, efficiently and economically.

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Anatomical Pathology's comprehensive array of products include;
  • Cytology equipment, collection fluids, cytofunnels, slides, stains, stainers and labelers
  • Histology products for grossing, tissue processing, labeling and tracking, embedding, sectioning, primary staining, secondary staining, advanced staining, coverslipping, archiving and storage

Regulatory requirements, cost containment, and increasing workloads are making the anatomical pathology laboratory more challenging.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to helping you future-proof your anatomical laboratory. Our instrumentation platforms allow easy integration of new technologies to prevent obsolescence, while our R & D focuses on solutions that provide better diagnoses and eradicate errors in the AP laboratory.

All this ensures that we will provide everything you need in your pathology laboratory.

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