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Dry Solvents Procedure

Twenty solvents are available, most of which can also be purchased stored over molecular sieves. All of the solvents are packaged under nitrogen in the AcroSeal septum sealed glass bottle to protect product integrity and maintain dryness.

The self-sealing septum allows the solvent to be dispensed by syringe at the point of use. However, it is important to note that once in contact with the atmosphere product quality can deteriorate and is dependent upon a number of conditions, including use of the most appropriate, smallest gauge/bore needles, purging of the bottle with dried, inert, gas and the hygroscopic nature of the solvent.

To overcome these issues we recommend that all dispensing operations are carried out under dry inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) either in a dry cabinet or with a positive pressure of the gas within the bottle. For safety reasons this should not exceed 0.3bar (0.31kg/cm2) and should only be undertaken by personnel trained in such techniques and wearing appropriate safety equipment.

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Last Updated on Friday, 27 July 2012 09:19