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Recession had ‘little effect on laboratory equipment market’

April 26th, 2012
by Tania

The recession has had little impact on the laboratory equipment market, according to Laboratory News editor Phil Prime, who recently spoke after Fisher Scientific's Science World event at Wembley stadium.

He said that it was difficult to judge the kind of impact it had, but added: "Speaking from our own experiences, in terms of whether advertisers are still willing to advertise, we've actually seen a bit of an increase – which could suggest things are normal, or could suggest people are working harder to get the business they want."

Mr Prime didn’t rule out the chance of an impact altogether, saying that the recession had an impact on all aspects of the economy one way or another. But "there's also always been a sense that we've kind of been protected in the sense that, in this case, backing science and technology is probably a good way out of things. Equipment will still be bought, universities will still need to do research, companies will still be doing research".

In this way, the science industry seems to have enjoyed more protection than other industries, which has allowed it to ride through the turbulent times.

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