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Susan Greenfield: A world authority on the brain

March 11th, 2011

Professor Baroness Greenfield - Oxford University neurobiologist and first female Director of the Royal Institution

What sort of a teenager cuts open a rabbit’s head? 
The Susan Greenfield sort. 

Clever, solitary and bored, she once bought a dead animal from the butcher and carried it home for an operation on the kitchen table.  ‘ I wanted to see the brain‘ she said.  ‘I’d never seen one before‘……

Greenfield talks about the brain the way other people talk about fine art or football; it is a thing of endless beauty and fascination, adorning her walls like pictures of prize-winning cauliflowers.  ‘It is mind-boggling, stunning, brilliant‘, she says.  ‘All you are, you see, is your brain‘. 

You might expect a conversation with a brain expert to be somewhat confusing.  Another is the fear that an Oxford scientist is going to talk in language that you do not understand.  What makes Susan Greenfield so remarkable is that she can tell you about your brain without baffling it.

How can you think objectively about your brain when the only thing you can use to think about it is the thing itself?  Why don’t you give it a try by coming along to Science World at the Magna Science Centre, Rotherham on 26th May and meeting Susan Greenfield for yourself?

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