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NEW Eppendorf Polypropylene Microplates: Fast and easy sample locating

February 13th, 2009

Eppendorf Microplates 96 and 384

Eppendorf Polypropylene Microplates

A clear advantage

The new Eppendorf Microplates bring a unique clarity into your laboratory! Never before has it been so easy to pipette, check, and re-extract samples in a poly-propylene microplate.

The easy to read OptiTrack® alphanumeric labelling on each plate makes identifying individual wells incredibly easy, accelerates the filling and significantly reduces the risk of error. The high level of transparency, unique among polypropylene microplates, ensures that you always find your samples at a glance.

The RecoverMax┬« design guarantees maximum sample recovery and minimises “wicking” and potential well-to-well cross contamination. The extremely high stability design assures good centrifugability even at high rotational speeds. Using only the best raw materials, processed in an innovative production process, the Eppendorf Microplates set new standards in terms of transparency, purity and stability!

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