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New method shows how drugs reach their intended goal

October 27th, 2011

sample phials on a gas chromatographDrug manufacturers could be about to be given a boost through a new technique which has been developed for medication suitability.

Before bringing a product to market, it is critical to show that the drug reaches its intended goal in the body's tissue, with researchers at Sweden's Lund University announcing a new breakthrough.

Their methodology makes use of mass spectrometry, which avoids having any radioactive labelling which is capable of changing medication behaviour, with the results recently being published in the journal Analytical Chemistry. However, the new process can be used on drugs off the shelf and creates a molecular image of the drug while it is in the body's tissue.

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Experts develop new device for measuring viscosity

October 26th, 2011

Manufacturers will soon have a new method of ensuring that their consumer products are the right consistency after experts developed a new viscosity device.

A team from the University of Sheffield has unveiled the design, which allows engineers to check in real time on how the viscous components of liquids change during a production process. It will therefore make it easier and cheaper to make changes to the liquid, whether it be ketchup or makeup, according to the experts.

The device uses a non-invasive sensor system which the liquid passes through, with information then being fed back along with a calculation of likely behaviours. A paper which talks about the innovation – a joint project between the University's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering – has been published in the journal Measurement Science and Technology.

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